This website is a catalogue of my political and economic writing.

I look at situations, events, people, companies and countries, breaking them down into their most basic components and mechanisms.  I dissect things, understand them and work out how to improve them.  I’ve honed this skill through several years as a computer programmer, but now I’ve turned my eye on bigger, more abstract problems.

The medium through which I usually work is writing.  I don’t have as much time to dedicate to it as I’d like to, as I’m currently putting theory into practice while selling burritos in Leeds. What I can produce however, I’m putting up here to read for free.

To read more about me, please see my biography page. My latest articles are listed below. To contact me, try one of the social media links to the left, or email dan at [this domain].

Latest Articles

Shoddy Patches for Broken Bridges

Having looked at some of the problems of free market capitalism, we will now look at some of the efforts to remedy those problems, including various successes and failures. At the end, I will make several suggestions for the UK … Continued

A Unified Theory of Value

The prevailing theory of value, up until the so-called marginal revolution, was the labour theory of value. In short, the labour theory of value states that a commodity’s value is equal to the socially normal quantity of labour that goes … Continued

Bitcoin is doomed to collapse — and that’s ultimately for the best

What has ultimately surprised me about Bitcoin how much attention it has received from the anti-capitalist left. Suddenly, those who have criticised capitalism as an unstable and unfair system have somehow fallen into the alluring-yet-naïve vision offered by the libertarian … Continued